Memories from the womb


I think everyone remembers at least once in his existence, his mother…even the dead one’s. When it’s guiet or it rains  I remember…everything was like a sweer light, which I eat with the point of my fingers and with my whole skin. I was floating.I was flying. I eat then the light with the elbow or with the both knees. I was flying through the unlimited spaces with no boundaries.



No name

technique: acryl , crayon on linden wood


tehnique:  plexiglass laser cut
size: 9,5cm x 9,5cm x 9,5cm


tehnique: acryl on canvas, crayon on wood silver foil
size: 100cm x 80cm

The World


3D- metal,clay

Me-side effect

technique: video/performance art( 10 minutes)

location : “ De Fabriek”, Eindhoven

within art project:   “ GEN-et(h)ic Games Generating side effects”

photos : Vincent Nijhof

Manifesto:                Belive in Science

                                         Do Tests

                              But Not in MY intestins

During the project “ GEN-et(h)ic Games Generating side effects” , “De Fabriek” was transformed in an ambiguous laboratory. The function of the De Fabriek was as a research space for art intersected with that of a (semi)scientific research.“ During the D.N.A.  influence of  the crops, biotechnology and biochemistry occur desired and undesired side effects .The debate about the food industry is currently in progress, with the  all possible ethical and economic questions and comments.The project contributes to the debate about scientific , technological developments and ethical issues; it provides information, but requires time for self-reflection.”


“Trust God but take your medicine”

– renaissance facade from 1653 –

exterior guilding


Blue Memories


tehnique: mixed media
size: 100×80 cm

Old techniques

 The Egg Tempera Painting Technique. (Painting Techniques of the Renaissance).

 The egg tempera painting technique was the main method of applying paint to panel throughout the early renaissance. As the title suggests the pigment is mixed with egg, using the white of the egg or the yolk results in different effects, the mixture is fast drying and permanent.    Egg tempera has been discovered on early Egyptian decorations and the painting technique was also used throughout the Byzantine period.   Typically a wooden panel was prepared by covering the surface with layers of gesso (made with gypsum mixed with animal glue and worked into a thick paste).


tehnique: tempera with eggs on wood
size: 42cmx29 cm